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Learn from the Expert DVD Series by Deborah Jones
Volume 1: Stabilizing for Embroidery
For Commercial/Multi-Needle Machines
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Learn From The Expert Volume 1 Commercial
Learn from the Expert
Vol 1: Stabilizing for Embroidery
For Commercial/Multi-Needle Machines

Embroidery Expert Deborah Jones demystifies stabilizers and puts in plain words exactly how to stabilize even the most "scary" fabrics.

The ultimate guide to stabilizing for professional results.

Deborah shares...
how your choice of soft or firm tear-away impacts the outcome of your project.

Two tests to ensure your knits are hooped properly.

Discover the best ways to avoid puckering, wrinkling, distortion and more! Learn to save time and money by buying only the stabilizers you really need and using what you have efficiently.

In this 30-minute video lesson, Deborah explains:

  • The secret to making stabilizer vanish
  • How to choose the best topping for your project
  • The reason for various weights and what the weights mean
  • How to stop puckering even in the middle of a stitch-out!
  • How to get beautiful results that last through the life of the garment


  • 30 minute video instruction
  • 2 Printable reference charts:
    • Stabilizing solutions for 26 fabric types
    • Definitions of stabilizer terms
In Learn from the Expert Volume 1: Stabilizing for Embroidery, Deborah will show you...
The tricks to flawless stitching
on tissue weight tees
Discover which stabilizer is the "magic bullet" for thin, stretchy knits The secrets to avoiding
stabilizer show-through
How to keep your hoop clean when using sticky stabilizer How to stabilize
sheer fabrics invisibly
How to choose the right water soluble for your project


This DVD contains both video files and printable reference materials. You will need a DVD-ROM or DVD-R drive to access the printable reference materials. Requires Adobe Reader to view PDF Reference Charts.

Here is your opportunity to learn from one of the most informed and experienced individuals in the embroidery industry! 

Deborah Jones has a rare ability to make complicated embroidery concepts easy to understand.  Plus having run a successful embroidery business she has a wealth of knowledge and experience to share with embroiderers of all skill levels.

This information is now available in a new ongoing series:  Learn from the Expert by Deborah Jones.  

Deborah Jones has been involved with machine embroidery for over 30 years, and writes the "Ask the Expert" column for Designs in Machine Embroidery magazine. She has published several books, including Ask the Expert, A Machine Embroiderer's Handbook and she is a popular speaker on a variety of embroidery topics.

Deborah has created instructional videos, written embroidery software manuals and owns a successful embroidery business.

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